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  1. Will to power
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  5. In a City Where 15 Percent of Voters Elected the Mayor, Downtown Is Claiming Power – Next City

Miseducation illuminated, informed and articulated pain — breaking the silence of black feminism in hip-hop. Throughout history the status quo is defined by whose voices and history is heard, and not heard. When previously denied voices and perspectives are heard, how society behaves and the values it amplifies are redefined.

They were about over the top extravagance and sex…bragging about fucking and whatnot. Miseducation also claimed power through resistance to the oppression of black women. One of the strongest assertions of power is money and the freedom to spend it. Generations of female emcees and hip-hop artists continue to not be silenced and demonstrate strength and commitment to the ongoing struggle of black feminism. Beard, M. London: Profile Books. Bennett, A. Burke, T. Checkoway, L.

Rollingstone Magazine. Chuck, D. Darby, D.

Will to power

Hip hop and philosophy : rhyme 2 reason : Chicago : Open Court. Farley, C. Hip hop nation. Time Australia 6 , Frith, S.

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MackKinnon, C. Urbana: Urbana : University of Illinois Press. Hall, S. Representation : cultural representations and signifying practices : London Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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Hess, M. New York: New York : Routledge. Yearning: race, gender, and cultural politics Second edition.. Karon, T. Time, 16 , Kitwana, B. After a brief reemergence, the Tenth Amendment went back underground in , before returning, apparently to stay, in Good reasons existed for the disappearance of the Tenth Amendment. The Tenth Amendment suffered from the assertion that the powers reserved to the states included the power to enforce racial inequality. Politically, socially, and morally, the Tenth Amendment seemed to speak to the past, not the present or the future.

He ruled absolutely until his death by suicide in April How were Hitler and the Nazis possible? How did such odious characters take and hold power in a country that was a world pacesetter in literature, art, architecture, and science, a nation that had a democratic government and a free press in the s? Hitler rose to power through the Nazi Party, an organization he forged after returning as a wounded veteran from the annihilating trench warfare of World War I. Germany also had to give up its prized overseas colonies and surrender valued parcels of home territory to France and Poland.

The German army was radically downsized and the nation forbidden to have submarines or an air force. Paying the crushing reparations destabilized the economy, producing ruinous, runaway inflation. By September , four billion German marks had the equal value of one American dollar. Consumers needed a wheelbarrow to carry enough paper money to buy a loaf of bread.

Hitler, a mesmerizing public speaker, addressed political meetings in Munich calling for a new German order to replace what he saw as an incompetent and inefficient democratic regime. This New Order was distinguished by an authoritarian political system based on a leadership structure in which authority flowed downward from a supreme national leader.


Jews represented everything the Nazis found repugnant: finance capitalism controlled, the Nazis believed, by powerful Jewish financiers , international communism Karl Marx was a German Jew, and the leadership of the German Communist Party was heavily Jewish , and modernist cultural movements like psychoanalysis and swing music. Once conquered, the Soviet Union would be ruled by the German master race, which would exterminate or subdue millions of Slavs to create lebensraum living space for their own farms and communities.

In a conquered and racially cleansed Russia, they would work on model farms and factories connected to the homeland by new highways, called autobahns. Hitler was the ideologue as well as the chief organizer of the Nazi Party. By , the party had a newspaper, an official flag, and a private army—the Sturmabteilung SA storm troopers —made up largely of unemployed and disenchanted WWI veterans. By , the SA had grown to 15, men and had access to hidden stores of weapons.

The regular army crushed the rebellion and Hitler spent a year in prison—in loose confinement. The book brought together, in inflamed language, the racialist and expansionist ideas he had been propagating in his popular beer-hall harangues.

2. The Wizard of Oz

In January of the following year, with no other leader able to command sufficient support to govern, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor of Germany. Shortly thereafter, a fire broke out in the Reichstag building in Berlin, and authorities arrested a young Dutch communist who confessed to starting it. Navigation menu. News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault ? King was soon spending many of his waking hours with Robbins, traveling the world with him, carrying his luggage, and even sometimes accompanying him to the bathroom.

Robbins demanded relentless energy and a willingness to confront your darkest fears. For some, this led to ecstasy.

Others found his events mentally and physically shattering. King said he soon found that a key part of his job involved responding to calls about participants who had threatened or attempted suicide or needed to be hospitalized after suffering mental breakdowns. A transcript of that session was made so that Robbins could pull out material for his next book.

BuzzFeed News obtained a copy. One woman had told him through tears that she had been raped. He also told a woman struggling with relationship issues to grab her breasts. It just freaked her out that I knew which one of her breasts was more sensitive.


King said that Robbins often dispatched him to get the phone numbers of attractive women in the audience , an allegation which Robbins' lawyers fiercely denied. But as time went on, he said, his concerns grew. Marie, a young woman living in California, was in such a dark place that she was making plans to drive her car off a cliff near her home — until she saw Tony Robbins on a television infomercial. The more she learned about his teachings, the more she began to believe she could save herself.

At her first seminar, in Newport Beach in , Robbins walked up to her in the crowd and tapped her on the shoulder. He invited her onstage with several other audience members, where he hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear to find him after the event was over, Marie said. She declined, but he continued to ask for her number, she said. Like others, Marie spoke with BuzzFeed News on the condition that her full name not be used. Despite her discomfort, Marie came away from the seminar feeling more upbeat than she had in a while.

So she went back to other events, including a Date With Destiny seminar in Miami. Again, she declined. BuzzFeed News tracked down that former bodyguard, who spent more than a decade working for Robbins.

The Ultimate Power - Part 5

Robbins has indeed spoken publicly about the attention he has received from female fans. There was no drought, for sure. I was like a kid in a candy store.

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Robbins went on to approach Marie directly at that Florida event, she said. As the seminar came to a euphoric close around 2 a. She twisted free and melted into the crowd, she said, hoping he would lose sight of her.

In a City Where 15 Percent of Voters Elected the Mayor, Downtown Is Claiming Power – Next City

So she became more deeply involved, first as an unpaid volunteer — and then as an employee. Many women who worked at Robbins Research International — his San Diego—based company — said they loved the experience. One former personal assistant, who said she worked for Robbins for around 18 months in the s, said he made her take notes while he showered. She shouted at him to cover up, she said, then left in tears. Kate Rittase, who worked for Robbins from the late s to early s, also told BuzzFeed News that she had to work with him while he was nude.

She told BuzzFeed News that he singled her out immediately, frequently telling her she was beautiful. Over the next few years, she said he encouraged her to end two separate relationships, offered to fly her out to visit him, and gave her a secret phone number.